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Last year, I was struggling to maintain a balance in my life, and my overall physical condition was impacted by stress. I deeply wanted to improve my health and lifestyle, but I also had a hard time finding the resources and support alone.

A couple months ago, Hannah and I met online for a synchronicity, and she became my coach (for more than 8-weeks, a total of 10 sessions). We worked on different aspects, combining ayurvedic knowledge, hypnotherapy, and health coaching. I learned a lot since then, and I now grasp more about what it means to be healthy and balanced.

Hannah's work and approach stood out because of her listening abilities, she has been able to account deeply what I needed and was asking, and since the end of our program, my greatest achievement has been to create everyday a space and time to love myself. I could see that the more we were working together, the deeper the results on my motivation and achievements.

I highly recommend scheduling a 4-weeks program with Hannah because she has the right skills to be a coach that can holistically help you achieve a better health and lifestyle.

Mirko d.V, 25, Italy

I signed up for the 4 weeks life coaching program to work on stress management and navigating through difficult relationships. 

Hannah's program was especially helpful in identifying limiting beliefs which I was not consciously aware of. She was very patient, flexible, and really tailored every session to personalize this program to my benefit. Specifically, she had a wide array of breathing techniques at her disposal and implemented them based on the day's mood/need/topic, which I found to be super effective. 

By the end, I felt like I've gained some valuable insights about myself and also have improved my own relationship with myself. I would highly recommend this program for those who just generally want to achieve higher goals or to attain some mental well-being.

Anonymous, 26, Berlin

As soon as this opportunity came up, there was no doubt I wanted to give it a try in order to discover my inner world and beyond. Living in the modern society, I often find myself not making enough room to practice mindfulness and stress relief, which is crucial to live a healthier life. I therefore chose the 4-week program and spent most time of the time on reflective questioning and breath-work portions. And the rest is history.

Today, I find myself asking the questions she asked me when reflecting. I also find myself focusing on my breath before going to bed to wind down. All of this because of her, and I know that I am not an exception.

What stood out to me was how Hannah also made the experience fun. I came into this believing that it'd be very serious, but she is such a breath of fresh air. Because of all of the above, I highly recommend scheduling a session Hannah.

Thank you so much for this memorable experience.

Donna Luu, Stockholm

My name is Vitória and I wanted to improve my cultivation of self-love, balance feelings, and unlock my true potential while embodying determination and fearlessness. This past year has been particularly challenging because of family health situations and a drastic life and professional change. A couple months ago, I came across Hannah's work and we began a 2-week program together.


It was a clarifying experience. In particular, the energetic distribution assessment, and the hypnotherapy of our sessions were most helpful for me. Hannah's work and approach stood out because of her holistic approach and application to real life and since starting this work, my greatest achievement has been to embrace who I am and let go of old beliefs.


My overall experience has been great. I highly recommend scheduling a 2 or 4 session/program with Hannah because she knows what she is doing as she has been through real life situations and applied this knowledge to herself.

Vitória, 23, Paris

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