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4-Week and 12-Week Programs

Explore how your quality of life is impacted by factors including nutrition, fitness, sleep, resilience to stress, personal beliefs and mindset, social and physical environments, and sense of life purpose. 

We will work together to build a personalized growth plan and establish action steps you can take to improve your health and life on a holistic level.

Who is this for?

Those ready to regain control in life and experience how improving the physical, mental, and energetic state creates a synergistic effect leading to sustainable progress and heightened efficiency in terms of achieving personal goals. 

Those with a high commitment level ready to show up, dive deep, and play an active role in their transformation.

What is the expected result?

Greater awareness, clarity, confidence, and improvement in various focus areas of your life.

A holistic transformation on the physical, mental and energetic level. 

A growth plan including session summaries, weekly reflections and action steps, and daily exercises to implement in between sessions.

How does it work?

This session will take place via Google Meet. Please ensure a comfortable seat, and functioning webcam.

I work with all clients 1-1 to create personalized plans specifically targeting individual goals including but not limited to stress management, balanced life, self confidence, improved mindset, positive habit building and daily routines, etc.

Coaching sessions include a short meditation/breathwork portion at the beginning, followed by a check in, reflective questioning, and growth work.

What is included in the program?

1x weekly coaching 

Meditation and breathwork 


Personal growth plan 

Weekly reflection and action steps

Daily exercises and habit implementations

Accountability and email support for the duration of the program

Book a free 15min intro call to get started!

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